Hi, my name is Joseph Michael Ambrosio. I’ve been programming computers for as long as I can remember—starting with BASIC on TRS-80s and Apple IIs in grade school, then Pascal on IBM PCs (the ones with monochrome green monitors and 5 1/4″ floppy disks) in high school, and then C, C++, and Java in college. I started building web sites as a hobby in 1998, and I’ve been fascinated with the Web ever since.

I worked in corporate information technology for twelve years, supporting Microsoft Windows servers and desktops. Toward the end of my corporate career, after many years of frustration working with Microsoft technology, I took a strong interest in the open source software movement, and the development tools that came along with it: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, WordPress, and jQuery. I have since fully embraced the open-source ethic, and rekindled my early love of computer programming.

I take web technology very seriously. I spend hours each week studying programming books, reading industry blogs, and honing my development skills. The great thing about this business is that there’s always something new to learn, and I’m happy to share the best of what I know to help make my clients’ online presence a success.