It’s Official: WordPress is Not Just a Blog Any More

Here’s an interesting bit of news for those who have spent the last few years debating whether WordPress is a CMS: as of 03:17 on April 30, 2010, WordPress is officially no longer just a blogging platform. That is the timestamp on Changeset 14315, checked into the core by WordPress contributing developer and core committer Andrew Nacin. As of Changeset 14315, most instances of the phrase “WordPress blog” are gone from the core source files, replaced with the all-encompassing phrase “WordPress site.”

Granted, this pronouncement may be a bit melodramatic. The change in terminology is as much a result of the WordPress MU merge as it is anything else. However, it is interesting to note that just one day later, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg announced a poll asking whether people are using WordPress as a blog, or as a CMS (“to manage an entire site”). The early results are overwhelmingly in favor of a CMS.

Of course, those who have been successfully using WordPress as a CMS for years know that it is perfectly capable of managing entire websites. Could it be that the upcoming release of WordPress 3.0 — with its new menu management feature, custom post types, custom taxonomies, and a new “Twenty Ten” theme that looks suspiciously like a CMS — has finally positioned WordPress to embrace the mantle of “content management system” and go head-to-head with the likes of Joomla and Drupal?

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